• Bluegrass Outlaws at SPBGMA

    Here's a look at The Bluegrass Outlaws, the winners of the 2016 International Band Championship at last weekend's National SPBGMA Convention in Nashville. The band is fronted by Becky Monk on bass with her husband Chris Monk on banjo, Wesley Wolfe on

  • SPBGMA 2016 notes

    We had a blast this year at the SPBGMA National Convention in Nashville. As always, it's great to re-connect with old friends and make new ones, with more high-quality music being played than you could ever hope to see in

  • Mountain Faith at SPBGMA ’16

    We had the chance to catch a set from Mountain Faith in their new stage configuration this past weekend at SPBGMA. It was a fast-paced, high-energy show that ran through a combination of the songs from their various albums, the grassified

  • 2016 SPBGMA National Bluegrass Awards

    Tonight's 42nd annual SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Awards in Nashville didn't come off completely without incident. About halfway through the show, MC Jeff Weaver from Rarely Herd took a tumble off the back of the stage, grabbing and pulling down several

  • 2016 SPBGMA International Band Championships

    The results are in from the 2016 International Band Championships held during the annual SPBGMA National Convention in Nashville. Bands are invited to compete from all over the US for this prestigious competition that awards $10,000 in prizes to the top ten

  • D60 reso-guitar missing from SPBGMA

    It's the worst nightmare for a picker. You borrow an instrument to take to a festival, and it turns up missing. Now you not only have no instrument, but have to face explaining the loss to a trusting friend. That's the

  • A taste of SPBGMA on Periscope

    If you've never attended the annual SPBGMA convention in Nashville - and even if you have - you'll be able to follow some of the fun this year on Periscope, thanks to the folks at WOBO in Batavia, OH. The

  • 2016 SPBGMA Award nominees

    The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass for America has announced the nominees for their 2016 Bluegrass Awards. Winners will be announced during their Awards Show on February 7, the closing event during the 2016 SPBGMA Convention in Nashville, TN. To

  • SPBGMA 2016 on the horizon

    We're well into the new year, and it's plenty cold outside, which means that the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America convention in Nashville is right around the corner. Set for February 4-7 in the Sheraton Music City hotel, the