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  • Bobby Osborne Mandolin Roundup

    Bobby Osborne, Lauren Price, and Scott Napier playing triple mandolins. Folks in the bluegrass world have certainly noticed the “Tremolo Tuesday” video segments that have been appearing on social media since March 2016. According to Scott Napier, the regular performances that feature triple mandolins played by Lauren Price, Bobby Osborne, and

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  • Inaugural Circa-Blue Fest songwriting contest winners announced

    The winners have been announced this afternoon in the very first Circa-Blue Fest Song Contest. 30 entries were submitted in this bluegrass songwriting competition, and the judges have spoken. Winners will pick up their prizes during the Circa-Blue Fest, and proceeds from the competition will be donated to the Bluegrass Country

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  • IBMA pens open letter to US Government

    The International Bluegrass Music Association, through its Executive Director Paul Schiminger, has published an open letter to President Trump and the US Congress concerning plans to reduce or eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Schiminger says that he is speaking for

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  • Q&A with Katy Daley – Tom Mindte

    Tom Mindte, head of Patuxent Music and bandleader of Patuxent Partners, stores an extensive record collection at his studio in Rockville, Maryland.  I asked him how his interest in collecting and music got started. TM:  Dad had a heating and air conditioning company, which is still going to this day. A

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  • Roundup Vinyl brings back the record club vibe

    As anybody who has lived through several decades knows, trends often come back around just when you least expect it. Beginning in the 1950s, Columbia House and other companies began “record clubs” – subscription services where customers could receive their favorite new music through the mail. Such services were popular

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  • Tennessee Senate honors On Top Of Old Smoky

    The State Senate of Tennessee has been plenty busy this month sharing congratulations with bluegrass and old time music artists. In addition to this morning's proclamation honoring The Farm Hands, they issued a resolution earlier in April celebrating the award won by the Great Smoky Mountains Association from the Public

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