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  • Eli Funkelby from Nick Chandler & Delivered

    Poor Mountain Records has released a debut single from, Groceries, Gas, and Used Cars, their upcoming project for Nick Chandler and Delivered. Known up to this point primarily as a bluegrass Gospel artist, this will be Nick's first secular release, and he's kicking it off with this reworking of Gene Watson's Eli Funkelby.

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  • Kyle Estep to Kim Robins

    Kim Robins has announced an addition to her touring band, 40 Years Late. Kyle Estep has joined the group on guitar, taking the spot previously occupied by Kim's bandleader, Chris Martin, who has moved to bass following the departure of Jade Bacon. Kyle had been performing with his brother and their father in

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  • The most interesting bluegrass accessories of 2017

    With the recent news in Bluegrass Today that a capo has been developed that doubles as an electronic tuner (unless that’s a tuner which doubles as a capo), I was reminded that I haven’t yet compiled the annual review of the past year’s best, or at least most interesting bluegrass

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  • Lindsey Family medical fund established

    If you attend bluegrass festivals in the central US, you may have seen The Lindsey Family on stage. The group features mom, dad, and some combination of their 11 children picking and singing bluegrass Gospel music. Their show is hard to forget, with youngsters from 8 years old through young adulthood

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  • Early Bird show at Yee Haw Music Fest 2018

    Yee Haw Music Fest 2018 kicked off Tuesday evening with an “early bird” performance by Michael Reno Harrell. He was introduced by Greg Bird. Early arrivers were treated to stories and songs that took us through his younger days and even into his present. Everyone should see Michael at least

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  • Bluegrass 45 – 50 Years On 

    “More than a band, these six friends from Kobe, Japan, have shared 50 years of friendship, musicianship, and a passion for music that has promoted and championed bluegrass as a culture, genre, and lifestyle all over the world.” So says Robert H. Dyar Jr, the Producer and Co-Director of the

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