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Posted February 21, 2020
Reflects actual airplay logged for the current period.

Bluegrass Today Weekly
Title (Label)
TW LW 2W Total
12 17 1 Terry Baucom's Dukes Of Drive
Here Come The Teardrops (Driving Duke)
Milan Miller
326 145 156 627
2 *25 2 Steve Thomas & Time Machine
Down In The Wildwood (Pinecastle)
Steve Thomas
316 122 273 711
D 3 Nick Chandler & Delivered
Big Bill Johnson (615 Hideaway Records)
Nick Chandler
272 272
30 *30 4 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
Your Remarkable Return (Mountain Home)
Chris Jones, Jon Weisberger
253 113 110 476
D 9 5 Aaron Bibelhauser
Let's Make A Memory (Aaron Bibelhauser)
Mickey Clark, Tim Krekel, Len Chiriacki
241 176 417
5 R 6 Phil Leadbetter And The All Stars of Bluegrass w/Steve Wariner
I Wanna Go Back (Pinecastle)
Steve Wariner
210 202 412
R 7 Billy Strings
Running (Apostol, Weisberger)
209 209
R 8 Po' Ramblin' Boys
Next Train South (Rounder)
Songwriter credits cannot be found online
205 205
D 9 The Burnett Sisters w/Colin Ray
My Kind Of Woman, My Kind Of Man (Bee Hive)
Vince Gill
201 201
8 10 10 Ronnie Bowman, Del McCoury, Bobby Bare
Alabam (Ronnie Bowman / Engelhardt Music Group)
Lloyd Copas
183 175 186 544
7 *7 11 Dale Ann Bradley & Tina Adair
Oh Darlin' (Pinecastle)
Jamie O'Hara, Kieran Kane
172 178 197 547
R 13 12 Billy Droze
Chain Gang (RBR Entertainment)
Billy Droze, Chris Myers, Ronnie Bowman
164 165 329
13 12 13 Larry Stephenson
I Was Bluegrass When Bluegrass Wasn't Cool (Whysper Dream Music)
Larry Stephenson
162 167 155 484
R 14 Irene Kelley
Bluegrass Radio (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Jerry Salley
161 161
D 15 Marija Droze
Ghost Of Your Memory (RBR)
Chris Myers, Billy Droze
149 149
R 16 Volume Five
Wings Of A Song (Mountain Fever)
Benny Martin
148 148
15 14 17 Merle Monroe
This Town (Pinecastle)
Roger Miller
143 162 146 451
R 18 Eddie Sanders
Rope Around Your Neck (Engelhardt Music Group)
Eddie Sanders, Don McAfee, Dennis Crouch, Adam Engelhardt
141 141
R 19 *19 Blue Highway
I Can't Think Of One (Rounder)
Songwriter credits cannot be found online
140 139 279
D *19 Ronnie Bowman
I'd Rather Be A Memory (Ronnie Bowman / Engelhardt Music Group)
Ronnie Bowman, Buddy Cannon, Larry Bastian
140 140
R *20 Audie Blaylock & Redline
Huckleberry's Hope (615 Hideaway Records)
R. Jones-Deadwax
139 139
4 R *20 Sideline
Your Selfish Heart (Mountain Home)
Ruby Rakes, Albert Elliot
139 223 362

The Bluegrass Today Chart

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* Tie (note: ties are sorted alphabetically by artist)
D = Debut             TW= This Week          LW= Last Week
R = Reentry          2W= Two Weeks Ago


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