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Posted January 24, 2020
Reflects actual airplay logged for the current period.

Bluegrass Today Weekly
Title (Label)
TW LW 2W Total
18 14 1 Billy Droze w/Tommy Emmanuel)
That'd Be You (RBR)
Billy Droze, Ronnie Bowman, Will Hiatt
268 148 132 548
D 2 Band of Ruhks
There's Another Baby Waiting For Me Down The Line (Rebel)
Don Reno-Red Smiley
225 225
3 2 3 Junior Sisk
Lily Dale (Mountain Fever)
H.S. Thompson
222 290 237 749
R *11 4 Irene Kelley
Hills of Home (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Ronnie Bowman
211 152 363
D 5 Kristy Cox
No Headlights (Mountain Fever)
Liz Hengber, Tammy Rogers, Jerry Salley
189 189
*12 17 6 Merle Monroe
This Town (Pinecastle)
Roger Miller
185 144 141 470
R 7 Zach Top And Modern Tradition
In A World Gone Wrong (RBR)
Carson Chamberlain, Wyatt McCubbin, Mark nesler
170 170
D 8 Sideline
Digging My Own Grave (Mountain Home)
Josh Shilling, Jon Weisberger
154 154
R 9 Gena Britt
Over and Over (Pinecastle)
Eli Johnston & Kevin McKinnon
150 150
D 10 Larry Sparks
Things Will Get Better (Rebel)
James R. Satterwhite
147 147
D 11 John Bowman
Silverthorn Mountain (Mountain Home)
Merle Haggard
143 143
R 12 Rick Faris
Stoneman's Raid (Dark Shadow)
Rick Faris
142 142
R 13 Volume Five
All The Way To The Bottom (Mountain Fever)
Bob Minner, Tim Stafford
140 140
D 14 Sideline
Someone Like You (Mountain Home)
Tracy Burcham, Shannon Slaughter
139 139
*21 *15 Blue Highway
I Can't Think Of One (Rounder)
Songwriter credits cannot be found online
138 139 277
D *15 Ronnie Bowman
You Cut The Ties (Engelhardt Music Group)
Ronnie Bowman, Dean Dillon, Ted Walker
138 138
R *11 16 Steve Thomas & Time Machine
Down In The Wildwood (Pinecastle)
Steve Thomas
130 152 282
2 3 17 Sideline
Return To Windy Mountain (Moutain Home)
Delnora Lynn Reed, Carl Jackson
128 285 276 689
24 18 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
Bacon In My Beans (Billy Blue)
Mark BonDurant, Jerry Salley, Terry Jacobs
126 135 261
17 *21 19 Michael Cleveland
Son Of A Ramblin' Man (Compass)
Songwriter credits cannot be found online
122 139 135 396
*19 26 20 Appalachian Road Show
Oh Lovin' Babe (Billy Blue)
Public Domain
121 133 131 385

The Bluegrass Today Chart

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* Tie (note: ties are sorted alphabetically by artist)
D = Debut             TW= This Week          LW= Last Week
R = Reentry          2W= Two Weeks Ago


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