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Posted June 2, 2023
Reflects actual airplay logged for the current period.

Gospel Weekly
Title (Label)
TW LW 2W Total
4 2 1 Darin & Brooke Aldrige w/Ricky Skaggs, Mo Pitney, Mark Fain
Jordan (Billy Blue)
Fred Rich
96 56 78 230
6 4 2 King James Boys
The Devil's Not Afraid Of A Dust Covered Bible (Pinecastle)
James Metcalf
57 50 45 152
9 3 3 Eddie Sanders
Folded Up Flag (Engelhardt Music Group)
Edgar Sanders, Don McAfee, Dennis Crouch
53 52 34 139
R 9 4 Authentic Unlimited
You'll Find Me (Billy Blue)
Jerry Douglas Cole
50 36 86
5 5 5 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
The Glory Road (Billy Blue)
Marty Stuart, Paul Martin, Harry Stinson
47 44 49 140
7 10 6 Primitive Quartet
Stay Their Arms (Mountain Home)
Reagan Riddle
44 34 41 119
R *6 7 Mickey Harris
God Is Watching (MJH Records)
Mickey Harris, Louise Tomberlain
41 41 82
10 R 8 Jaelee Roberts
I Owe Him Everything (Mountain Home)
Lyn Rowell
37 33 70
D 9 Chosen Road
At The Cross (Song Garden Music Group)
Public Domain
33 33
R 10 Heaven's Mountain Band
Better Times ()
Songwriter credits cannot be found online
32 32

Gospel Chart

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* Tie (note: ties are sorted alphabetically by artist)
D = Debut             TW= This Week          LW= Last Week
R = Reentry          2W= Two Weeks Ago