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Posted February 21, 2020
Reflects actual airplay logged for the current period.

Gospel Weekly
Title (Label)
TW LW 2W Total
1 1 1 Terry Baucom & The Dukes of Drive
Will The Light Be Shining Bright (Driving Duke)
Mike Garris
45 114 117 276
2 6 2 Ralph Stanley II & the Clinch Mountain Boys
Beautiful Hills of Home (Stanley Family Records)
Billy Wise, Joan Wise
40 31 57 128
8 R 3 High Fidelity
My Saviour's Train (Rebel)
Songwriting credits are not listed on AirPlay Direct
31 37 68
4 8 4 Churchmen
I'd Like To Be Your Neighbor (Morning Glory)
Carroll Arnn
30 27 48 105
6 5 5 Sister Sadie
Since I Laid My Burden Down (Pinecastle)
Public Domain
27 35 43 105
7 9 6 Ali Shumate
Jezebel (Hadley Music Group)
Ali Shumate, Donna Ulisse, David Haley Lauver, Rick Stanley
25 25 40 90
9 3 7 King James Boys
Heaven's Most Wanted List (Morning Glory)
Barney Rogers
24 47 34 105
D 8 Sideline w/Ray Dean Reese
I'll Live Again (Mountain Home)
Ila C. Knight
23 23
D 9 Gospel Plowboys
When I Wake Up To Sleep No More (Morning Glory)
Marion W. Easterling
22 22
R 10 Joe Hott
Cry From The Cross (Rural Rhythm)
Johnnie Masters
20 20

Gospel Chart

This chart is compiled weekly from actual airplay data logged and reported by our contributing Bluegrass DJ’s. The numbers reflect airplay on Satellite and terrestrial radio. Our reporters come from both commercial and non-commercial stations, but do not include streaming internet broadcasts. Only songs less than 18 months from original release date appear here.

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* Tie (note: ties are sorted alphabetically by artist)
D = Debut             TW= This Week          LW= Last Week
R = Reentry          2W= Two Weeks Ago