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Posted December 1, 2018
Reflects actual airplay logged for previous month.

Bluegrass Today Monthly
Title (Label) Songwriter(s)
Total Spins
D 1 Irene Kelley
Something About A Train Sound (Mountain Fever) Irene Kelley, Billy Droze, Terry Herd
17 2 Po' Ramblin' Boys
Next Train South (Rounder) Songwriter credits are not listed on AirPlay Direct
3 3 Appalachian Road Show
Dance, Dance, Dance (Billy Blue) Brenda Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Steve Miller
D 4 Balsam Range
Get Me Gone (Mountain Home) Walt Wilkins, Jim McBride, Jon Randall Stewart
D 5 Lonesome River Band
Wreck Of My Heart (Mountain Home) Roger Brown, Monte Warden
D 6 ClayBank
Where's A Train When You Need One (Mountain Fever) Tyler Thompson, Gary Trivette
16 7 Amanda Cook
You Were Mine (Mountain Fever) Carolyne VanLierop
D 8 Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
Who You Want Me To Be (Mountain Home) Gina Clowes, Chris Jones
13 9 Chad Darou (w/Cia Cherryholmes)
Heaven (Bell Buckle Records/Chaddarou Records) Bryan Adams
19 10 Del McCoury
That Ol' Train (McCoury Music) Alan Rhody, Ronny Scaife
D 11 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
Fiddle Man's Delight (Rebel) Songwriter credits are not listed on AirPlay Direct
D 12 Eddie Sanders
Run A Little Faster (Rural Rhythm Records / Engelhardt Music Group) Eddie Sanders, Dennis Crouch, Tim Crouch
D 13 Billy Droze
Coal Fed Train (RBR Entertainment) Billy Droze, Ronnie Bowman, Will Hiatt
D 14 Professor Dan Boner
West Of West Virginia (Daysight Music LLC) Terry Herd, Tim Stafford
8 15 Cleverlys
Baby (Mountain Home) Christopher Bridges, Justin Bieber, Christina Milian, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart
18 16 Deeper Shade of Blue
Steam (Mountain Fever) Troy Pope, Mark Brinkman
2 17 Dave Adkins
Blue Blue Rain (Mountain Fever) Jerry Salley
R 18 Special Consensus
Way Down The River Road (Compass) Songwriter credits are not listed on AirPlay Direct
D 19 Newtown
Heart Of Stone (Mountain Home) Tyler Childers
D 20 Tim Crouch & Dennis Crouch
Kentucky Turnpike (Rural Rhythm Records / Engelhardt Music Group) Tim Crouch, Glen Duncan

The Bluegrass Today Monthly Chart

This chart is compiled monthly from actual airplay data logged and reported by our contributing Bluegrass DJ’s. The numbers reflect airplay on Satellite and terrestrial radio. Our reporters come from both commercial and non-commercial stations, but do not include streaming internet broadcasts. Only songs less than 18 months from original release date appear here.

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* Tie (note: ties are sorted alphabetically by artist)
D = Debut             TW= This Week          LW= Last Week
R = Reentry          2W= Two Weeks Ago


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