• Kody Norris and Mary Rachel Nalley to wed

    Kody Norris, fearless leader and guitarist/vocalist with The Kody Norris Show has hired his fiddle player, Mary Rachel Nalley, on for a lifetime gig. The dynamic entertainer used the occasion of a recent performance before a hometown crowd at the Heritage Hall

  • New look for The Kody Norris Show

    If you've caught The Kody Norris Show at a festival or concert this season, you may have noticed some new faces on stage with the East Tennessee guitarist, singer, and bluegrass entertainer. They're still wearing the rhinestone suits and playing

  • Kody Norris to Cedar Creek Management

    Cedar Creek Management has announced that they are now representing The Kody Norris Show. Known for his outlandish stage attire and his driving, Jimmy Martin-inflected traditional music, Kody is a true bluegrass showman. Working now in the Kody Norris Show is Mary Rachel Nalley