• No more Highland Travelers

    Things move fast in the bluegrass world. Influential bands can come together quickly and make a big impact, only to disappear when plans and family situations change. And so it goes with Highland Travelers, a group which popped up earlier this

  • Roy Clark passes

    The bluegrass and banjo playing world has lost a great champion today, as we note the passing of singer and multi-instrumentalist, Roy Clark. The smiling face of the banjo for so many Americans as a host on Hee-Haw for nearly

  • LaTresa Smith sings Bright Star for Christmas

    LaTresa Smith has released a single ahead of her upcoming album, one with a Christmas message appropriate for the season. Bright Star is a duet with her fellow Nashvillian, Billy Droze, which Latresa wrote. She retells the story of the Nativity

  • Merle Monroe signs with Pinecastle

    Pinecastle Records has announced the signing of a new bluegrass act, Merle Monroe, consisting of a pair of veterans coming together to share the particular kind of music they love best. The two principals are Tim Raybon, long time grasser and

  • Hisashi Ozaki passes

    Photo of Hisashi Ozaki © Darwin Davidson Japanese bluegrass music pioneer Hisashi Ozaki passed away suddenly on Saturday, November 10, 2018, as he was preparing to go for a recording session for a regular radio program on Kamakura FM the following

  • Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers to Billy Blue

    During this past weekend's Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival, show hosts Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers made a special announcement from the stage. Joe called Jerry Salley out to join them, in his position as Creative and A&R Director of Billy