JD Crowe update

Great news for fans of JD Crowe’s banjo picking!

We just got an update from Mike Drudge at Class Act Entertainment on JD’s rehab progress after suffering multiple fractures in his left arm back in February. Crowe slipped getting off the bus on 2/18, and broke both his elbow and humerus.

JD says that he is doing much better, and his phyisical therapy has been cut back to two sessions each week. Though his arm is still quite sore, he says that he has been playing some at home, and it’s feeling better all the time.

“The main thing I have to do now is build up the calluses on my fingers!”

Current plans are for Crowe to rejoin the band for their May 14 show at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival. Depending on how he feels, he will play all, or part of the his sets there that day.

Can I get a big “Yee hah?”