• And the Bluegrass Grammy goes to…

    Bluegrass music was well represented in this afternoon's Grammy Premiere Awards ceremony, distributing the many trophies that make up the infamous "handed out earlier in the day" awards that are regularly mentioned in the national telecast later in the evening.

  • Tammy Harman to Graham Talent Group

    The Graham Talent Group in Kentucky has announced the addition of Missourian Tammy Harman to their staff. The Group has been public about their plans to expand their network of agents regionally around the US, and had recently also engaged

  • The Lore of the Loar (#72058) – part 1

    Mandolin players and vintage instrument  aficionados know exactly what I'm talking about with one word.... Loar. The groundbreaking facelift of Gibson mandolins by Lloyd Loar were the first of the modern day F-5 (and A-5) styled instruments. The Master Model

  • Groundhog Day predictions for 2017

    While much of the bluegrass world is fixated on the SPBGMA convention which starts tomorrow, and the rest of the country on this weekend's Super Bowl, there's an even more urgent concern that needs to be addressed beforehand. To wit... will

  • NAMM 2017 report from Nu-Blu

    This report from the 2017 Anaheim NAMM show comes from Daniel Routh, guitarist and vocalist with Nu-Blu. The band spent four days there earlier this month, where they represent their sponsor, Peterson Tuners, and bluegrass music, giving Daniel a chance

  • Tyler Collins all healed up

    In November 2016 we reported that the boys in the Darrell Webb Band had experienced a serious auto crash in route to a number of performances in Florida. Unfortunately, the accident left reso player Tyler Collins hospitalized in Jacksonville for

  • Cheryl McClellan to Still Blue Entertainment

    Cheryl McClellan has joined the team at Still Blue Entertainment, a company formed initially to represent Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome. Since launching with that focus, the agency has also taken on publicity for the James Wimmer Bristol Bluegrass Spring