• God Fearing Heathen – Dan Tyminski

    After a fairly lengthy absence from the bluegrass scene, Dan Tyminski began a long-awaited return to touring and recording recently, both on the road with the Dan Tyminski Band, and with the release of a Tony Rice tribute EP last

  • Lovin’ of the Game – Michael Cleveland

    Michael Cleveland is generally associated with fiery, traditional-leaning fiddle playing - often the faster and more attention-grabbing, the better. While his latest album from Compass Records, Lovin’ of the Game, goes a long way to continue showcasing his expertise at

  • Railroad Town – Jr Williams

    One of my hands-down favorite songs from the past year was Jr Williams’s Railroad Town Without a Train, the poignant story of the closing of the Clinchfield railyards in Erwin, TN. Written by Tim Stafford and Thomm Jutz, the song

  • Changes – Amanda Cook

    One of the brightest voices in bluegrass music in recent years has been Amanda Cook, who has continually offered fans a selection of well-written, thoughtful numbers that keep the radio waves hot. Now on her fourth full length project for

  • New Chapter – Cedar Hill

    With so many bluegrass roots in states like Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee, many folks often forget that the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas have their own long-standing bluegrass traditions. One of the region's most well-known and respected artists is

  • From the Ground Up – Jim Hurst

    With two IBMA Guitar Player of the Year trophies to his name, a passel of solo recordings, and a career spanning several decades, it would be hard for anyone to deny Jim Hurst's expertise on the guitar. His latest solo