What Do These Performers Have in Common?

The Stanley BrothersA Quiz for Today

Quick!  Look down this list and determine what these (male) performers have in common, other than being males?

  • Carl Story
  • Del McCoury
  • Red Smiley
  • Ralph & Carter Stanley
  • Gordon Terry
  • Big Howdy

If you need another hint, they also have it in common with the following, so it’s not just that their names end in “y”:

  • Red Allen
  • Kenny Baker
  • Norman Blake
  • Bill Emerson
  • John Hartford
  • Bobby Hicks
  • Charlie Louvin
  • Rudy Lyle
  • Jesse McReynolds
  • Bobby Osborne
  • Don Reno
  • Butch Robins
  • James King
  • Pete Seeger
  • John Starling
  • Wayne Taylor
  • Paul Warren
  • Frank Solivan
  • Roland White

Not a complete list by any means, but if you haven’t figured it out by now, they are all VETERANS of the US Armed Forces.

There is something, thankfully, they do not have in common with the final name:

  • Ned Cline (Lonesome Pine Fiddlers) KILLED IN ACTION

On this Veterans’ Day, let’s offer these and ALL veterans, a big SAAAA—LOOOOOT! And our thanks for your service.

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