• Right Beside You – Jeff White

    I’ve been grinning like a possum when I hear Stringbean’s Run Little Rabbit Run on Sirius/XM, from Jeff White’s Right Beside You. It’s a blistering traditional bluegrass treatment of one of String’s “big hits”. The CD arrived in the mailbox,

  • Becky Buller at The Emelin Theater

    If Becky Buller is modern bluegrass, then I approve. I attended her show at the Emelin Theater in Mamaroneck, NY last Friday (4/8) with a friend, out of curiosity. I like Becky’s new album 'Tween Earth and Sky. I wondered

  • WHUS snags Joe Bussard 78 RPM records show

    The University of Connecticut’s student FM radio station WHUS scored a coup Sunday afternoon, October 11, during DJ Jim Beaver’s Red Rooster Party, which features old country, hillbilly and pre/proto bluegrass music. Famed 78 rpm record collector Joe Bussard of Frederick,

  • Mac Wiseman – All My Memories Fit for Print

    I just picked up this wonderful, DENSELY PACKED bio of Mac Wiseman, All My Memories Fit for Print, from County Sales. It’s just riveting if you’re into the history of bluegrass and country music, radio, recording, promoting, the music “biz,” and the

  • Butch Robins, video star

    Butch Robins presents - Blue Grass Music, its Origin and Development as a Unique and Creative Art Form Produced and directed by Bud Bennett, Radford University Conceived, written and hosted by Butch Robins If you like bluegrass history, you will positively “waller” in this

  • What Do These Performers Have in Common?

    A Quiz for Today Quick!  Look down this list and determine what these (male) performers have in common, other than being males? Carl Story Del McCoury Red Smiley Ralph & Carter Stanley Gordon Terry Big Howdy If you need another hint, they also have it in common with