Thursday at Grey Fox 2019

Thursday, July 18 officially began the epic Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Oak Hill, NY. Some people had already been camping and pickin’ tunes for a few days before the actual festival began.

On Tuesday morning the Flying Pig campsite lost their enormous beloved mascot – the giant flying pig with “Grey Fox” written on the side. The cables that kept the pig tied to the ground broke on the morning of July 16, freeing the pig which was swiftly carried away by the wind. It was last seen flying free and heading to the northeast. One has to wonder about all the people who may have seen that gigantic pig flying over their farms and towns and where it may have ended up… Tuesday was, in fact, the day when pigs (or at least one huge inflatable pig) were flying…

Starting on Thursday, workshops, led jams, dances, kids activities, and stellar bands filled the multiple stages and tents. The vendors were open with lots of cool crafts and yummy foods. Festival grounds were filled with people reuniting, hugging, making music, lounging, and laughing. For many people, the Grey Fox festival is like an annual homecoming, of chosen family. This last year a number of people from within and around the Grey Fox family had passed away, and there were some nice memorial words said for them in the program, as well as throughout the festival.

This year Billy Strings was Artist in Residence at Grey Fox, and sat in with it seemed like, almost every band all weekend. He also seemed to blend in and sound great in every line up.

Here are some photos from the day and stayed tuned for more posts from each day with sites and sounds of the 4 day festival to come.