• Thursday overview, World of Bluegrass 2019

    The Earls of Leicester on the IBMA Red  Carpet - photo © Tara Linhardt Thursday of IBMA week is famous for awards. There is an Industry Awards Luncheon with live shows and lifetime Distinguished Achievement Awards, and this year's Industry awards

  • Tuesday overview from World of Bluegrass 2019

    Tuesday at IBMA started out as a day of setting up for the week ahead, folks getting registered, before the learning and picking started. Industry professionals shared all sorts of information to help musicians, event planners, broadcasters, and all sorts

  • Kids rule on Sunday at Grey Fox 2019

    Senior group with the Kid's Academy at Grey Fox 2019 - photo © Tara Linhardt As I walked around the campground early on Sunday morning at Grey Fox, I met Susan Byer, who is the present owner of Dancin' Dave's Festival Camping

  • Saturday at Grey Fox 2019

    Billy Strings and Tommy Emmanuel at Grey Fox 2019 - photo © Tara Linhardt Saturday at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival was, of course, full of many activities with music all over the park. It was a hot day with equally

  • Friday at Grey Fox 2019

    Friday at Grey Fox had all sorts of activities for folks of all ages, starting with options for meditation, then yoga. There were workshops, kids activities, interviews, story telling, jams, and plenty of the bluegrass "Who's Who" on the stages.

  • Thursday at Grey Fox 2019

    Thursday, July 18 officially began the epic Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Oak Hill, NY. Some people had already been camping and pickin' tunes for a few days before the actual festival began. On Tuesday morning the Flying Pig campsite lost their