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Todd Carter, a New York City transplant (originally from Carmel, Indiana) blends his talents and divides his time as a singer, producer, composer, and Indie label owner.  His roles, and how he interprets each of these roles, stem from a lifelong adventurous taste and experimentation in music ranging from Punk to Opera.

In an era of super-slick, highly-processed recordings, Carter’s latest effort, Cabinet of Curiosities, is a breath of fresh air composed of honest emotion, imagination, musical collaboration and first takes. Most tracks were written by Carter, but several were co-written with artists Tim Curtis-Verderosa, Andy Snyder, Adam Fuller, and Tony Graci.  Each of them added his own harmonies, instrumental parts, and unique vibe to the album.  And, with Cabinet of Curiosities, Carter once again surprises the listener. “This is definitely the first disc I have recorded that includes country tracks,” states Carter.  The lyrical clarity, melodies, and arrangement of these songs with pedal steel and piano clearly pay homage to traditional country music, something rarely heard in today’s pop-country hits.

As frenetic as Cabinet of Curiosities may seem at first listen ‚Äì the meshing of Eastern European sounds (Invitation), pop vibes (The World is Calling), and country influences (Burning Doves. Black-Eyed Jim) ‚Äìworks.  And it works really well.  In many ways, it is a culmination of Carter’s past, including his punk rock past with Spaceship Beelzebub to his folk work with The Brothers Blessit.

There couldn’t be a title more fitting for The Looking’s new disc than Cabinet of Curiosities.  The title applies not only to the unique arrangements of each track on the album, but also to front man Todd Carter’s personal journey through many styles of music.  Looking back ‚Ķ and looking forward.


Laurena Marrone Campos/ GRIT PR & Marketing


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