• Carolina Blue to East Public Relations

    Carolina Blue, the five-piece traditional bluegrass group from Brevard, NC, have announced a new partnership with East Public Relations. The band has been together for 12 years now, but has really exploded this past few years since signing with Pinecastle Records.Their

  • Longing For Home video from Carolina Blue

    Since hitting their stride in 2011, Carolina Blue has not only recorded some heartfelt original bluegrass music, they have created a number of clever and expertly-stage videos to go with them. Here's another today, for Longing For Home, from their debut

  • Carolina Blue to Roe Entertainment

    Carolina Blue is a band on the rise. The Brevard, NC-based quintet has been riding their original, traditional sound to the top of the bluegrass world this past year, supported by a strong Pinecastle single, Rusty Rails, and the recent

  • The ladies shine in Rye Bar lunch showcase

    While the Momentum Awards luncheon was going on this morning, I took the opportunity to slip over to the Marriott Hotel lobby for an unofficial showcase sponsored by Lorraine Jordan and True Grass. It featured several young bands that I

  • Aynsley Porchak to Carolina Blue

    The dream for every college student - and every parent back home mailing the checks - is to find a job in their field right after graduation. It doesn't always work out that way, but when it does, it's generally

  • Are You Living Right video from Carolina Blue

    Carolina Blue is proud to announce their very first Gospel bluegrass video, for the song Are You Living Right from their current Poor Mountain Records project, Sounds Of Kentucky Grass. You might wonder why a North Carolina Band would title their

  • Faded Rose video from Carolina Blue

    Carolina Blue has released a debut music video from their Poor Mountain Records project, Sounds Of Kentucky Grass. Faded Rose has a distinctly throwback vibe, to both the recorded track and the video, recapturing the look and sound of bluegrass in

  • Carolina Blue to Wilson Pickins

    Carolina Blue, a rising bluegrass group from Brevard, NC, has announced an affiliation with Wilson Pickins Productions, who will henceforth serve as their representative for live appearances. The group has been performing together since 2007, when the band was formed by

  • Greg Moore to Carolina Blue

    Greg Moore, from State College, PA, has been announced as the new fiddler with Carolina Blue, based in Brevard, NC. He is a long time bluegrass professional, having worked with Dave Evans and Riverbend, Tony Holt and The Wildwood Valley Boys,