Carolina Blue to Pinecastle – new single today

Pinecastle Records moves fast! Today they have announced the signing of rising bluegrass band Carolina Blue to the label, and released a first single from their new album at the same time.

That next record, I Hear Bluegrass Calling Me, won’t hit until January of 2019, but you can get a taste in advance with Rusty Rails, written by band members Bobby Powell and Tim Jones.

Bobby shared a few words about how the song came to be…

“The initial idea for Rusty Rails came from all the abandoned railroad tracks in our hometown of Brevard, NC. So, the first concept of the song was really different from how it turned out. It was supposed to be a song about how the locomotives are dying out. I brought the idea to Tim (Jones) and we started the song while we were in the recording studio one night. We didn’t make much progress, so it just kind of stalled out. It was at a writing session about a year later, that Tim brought it back up to me with a totally different melody and a totally different concept; one about lost love and an escape from that. At that point, it really came fast. We finished the song and had an arrangement on it in that same writing session. We’re both really pleased at the way it turned out and hope all the deejays, listeners, and fans enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoy playing and singing it!”

Carolina Blue is Powell on guitar and Jones on mandolin, with Reese Combs on bass, James McDowell on banjo, and Aynsley Porchak on fiddle.

Radio programmers can get Rusty Rails now from AirPlay Direct, and fans can download the track from iTunes and other popular sites.

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