Faded Rose video from Carolina Blue

Carolina Blue has released a debut music video from their Poor Mountain Records project, Sounds Of Kentucky Grass.

Faded Rose has a distinctly throwback vibe, to both the recorded track and the video, recapturing the look and sound of bluegrass in the 1950s. The visuals were created by Corey Johnson Studios on this song by Lawrence Lane.

It’s sung as an old school duet by Bobby Powell and Tim Jones, and gives the lie to the complaint that “nobody sings real bluegrass anymore.” The guys lay down an authentic rendering of a heartfelt number that first appeared more than 40 years ago.

The group is completed by James McDowell on banjo, Greg Moore on fiddle, and Reese Combs on bass.

The whole album is designed as a tribute to Lane and the music he produced with his group, The Kentucky Grass. Lawrence Lane was Tim’s great uncle, whose music recorded in the ’70s was passed along to him by his mom. He was also a prominent festival promoter in Kentucky whose band performed widely in the central US. At one point Jimmy Olander, now a prominent Nashville guitarist, played banjo as a member of the Kentucky Grass.

Hopefully this new Carolina Blue record will encourage more bluegrass lovers to learn about Lane and his music.

Sounds Of Kentucky Grass is available wherever you find bluegrass music. Radio programmers can download the tracks from AirPlay Direct.

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