Picking at Peaceful Bend

Picking at Peaceful Bend DVDFlatpicking Guitar Magazine has committed to capturing performances by today’s top practitioners of the flatpicking art, and bringing those performances to guitar players everywhere via DVD.

Over the last several years they have put forth a number of such DVDs. Each DVD consists of a concert performance by three top players. This year’s offering is no exception.

The National Flatpicking Guitar Championship, held each September since 1972 in Winfield, Kansas, is the most prestigious flatpicking event in the country. Every person who has won this event is a master guitarist of the highest order. In this concert performance DVD, filmed at the Peaceful Bend Americana Music Festival in Steelville, MO, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine and SimpleFolk Productions present three of the National Flatpicking Guitar Championship’s most respected past champions: Robin Kessinger (1985 champ), Mark Cosgrove (1995 champ), and Robert Shafer (1983 and 2000 champ).

The DVD is now available for ordering at FlatpickingMercantile.com.

Here’s a one song trailer for the product. It features the tune When You and I Where Young, Maggie.

In the interest of full disclosure, my company was the production company which filmed and edited this DVD.