More than bluegrass at World of Bluegrass ’15

I know that there will always be folks arguing that we need more straight traditional bluegrass, or that they would like to hear and open up the music to the various folks who play bluegrass, and also fuse and blend it with other genres like jazz, folk, classical, Asian, old time, rock, etc. I don’t mean to get into any of that discussion, but with so many styles and blends represented this year at the 2015 World Of Bluegrass and all around town, surely everyone could find something familiar or new to enjoy, amuse, and inspire them for another year. It was like a giant buffet table of different bluegrass musical foods where one could taste new flavors, or savor the ones they have grown to love.

I will put out a few more samples of the variety of artists who performed with great musicianship at IBMA this year, and let y’all enjoy and share what you like.

Mark Johnson Clawhammer banjo (he won 2012 Steve Martin Award for excellence in banjo.


The Kruger Brothers with Kontras Quartet…


…and then getting bluesy and jazzy with Branford Marsalis.


The Williamson Brother Band – Tony Williamson has been doing one of my favorite workshops for many years as well. He is a true authority on everything with vintage bluegrass instruments, how they were made, who played what and how. Here he is with his brother Gary on guitar and Bobby Hicks on fiddle.


Cotton Eyed Joe with Raymond McLain at the old time banjo workshop.