Jim Lauderdale in studio

Jim Lauderdale recording at Slack Key StudioGrammy winning singer/songwriter, Jim Lauderdale is currently in the studio finishing up the vocals on a new bluegrass recording. I’m told the recording is shaping up even stronger than his last outing, The Bluegrass Diaries.

Lauderdale’s approach to songwriting and recording appears to be somewhat unique.

In typical Lauderdale style, he’s writing the lyrics after the instrumentation has been tracked, so he comes in to sing whenever he finishes a song.

It’s worked for him in the past…

It’s being recorded at Randy Kohrs’ Slack Key Studio in Nashville. The recording began back in March, and is nearing completion now. Jim’s goal is to finish the recording by Sept 1, 2008, though I don’t yet have any info as to a release date, or even a title.

I enjoy Lauderdale’s singing, and his songwriting. I thought Diaries was a great recording, and I’m looking forward to hearing this latest CD. We’ll bring you updates as we get them.