Jim Lauderdale and Randy Kohrs back in the studio

Jim Lauderdale recording at Slack Key StudioAfter winning a Grammy this year for The Bluegrass Diaries, Jim Lauderdale has once again tapped the multi-talented Randy Kohrs to produce his next bluegrass effort.

Lauderdale is currently touring in support of his newest CD Honey Songs (a more-or-less country record), but he’s not going to let that slow down production on a new bluegrass CD. Every free moment in Nashville is being spent in Kohrs’ Slack Key Studio working on the new CD.

Randy shared a few thoughts at the outset of this recording effort.

We were both thrilled with the way “The Bluegrass Diaries” came out sonically, and my studio has been upgraded even more since then. Thanks to companies such as Stage Ninja, Great River Electronics, Violet Microphones, new Lauten Audio Microphones, and Forssell Electronics, along with the top-of-the-line equipment I already had, we’re confident this next project will sound even better. Jim’s songs and vocals, combined with the talents of the other musicians, insure that the CD will be great no matter what, but recording them in a way that will do them justice is always the biggest goal.

As much as we enjoyed the last CD, we’ll wait anxiously for this one. We’ll be sure to bring you more updates as they become available.