Friday at Grey Fox 2019

Friday at Grey Fox had all sorts of activities for folks of all ages, starting with options for meditation, then yoga. There were workshops, kids activities, interviews, story telling, jams, and plenty of the bluegrass “Who’s Who” on the stages. One thing that one does not always see at many festivals was staff from D’Addario Strings offering free string changes to anyone who came by that morning with their instrument. That proved to be very popular.

There were young, up and coming bands and the old guard and legends all represented. Grey Fox had some cool mixing of musicians old and new on the stages as well as the standard bands which was really fun to watch as well.

Another wonderful feature of Grey Fox is having the music playin’ kids running around and pickin’ and having fun throughout the campgrounds. This year there was a new GREY FOX sign with huge, tall letters, kind of like the Hollywood sign out in California, except different. ūüôā

Here’s Cane Mill Road, a great young band from North Carolina, performing First Day in Town and Garfield’s Hornpipe: