Electric bass at Galax

I fully agree with the Moose lodge folks.  An electric bass has no place in a bluegrass setting.  The Galax festival is all about tradition and the folks that don’t understand that should take their amps and go to Bonnaroo.  I think the Moose folks have it right when they ban amps.  I think the rules next year will reflect that.  As for the comment about half the crowd leaving, It ain’t gonna happen, so get over it and bring your dog house or stay home.

  • olchewbacky

    Old time and bluegrass festivals should be limited to acoustic instruments. Even on the performance stage the upright bass just fits the music better. In the campgrounds and parking lot jams there should be no electric amplification allowed. These festivals are all about upholding the tradition…what is next, electic guitars, keyboards, saxophones. No way. I want the music to be true or I’ll not attend. I’ll go elsewhere where the music is really acoustic.