• Chatham County Line covers The Louvin Brothers

    For their next recording project, Chatham County Line, from North Carolina's Triangle region, has decided to reach back and honor some of their biggest influences in the music world. Normally known for the original material, this upcoming album, Sharing The

  • Sanctuary – Blue Mother Tupelo

    Blue Mother Tupelo might not be bluegrass in the strictest sense, what with a bare boned musical approach that relies on little more than two voices, a robust strum, and a steady stream of natural percussion. If anything, they lean

  • Americana Music by Lee Zimmerman

    Are you one of those millions of music lovers who frequently hear the phrase Americana, and aren't entirely sure what the genre description entails? Perhaps you've been confused by seeing an artist you enjoy labeled as Americana, and then finding

  • Livewire from Aubrey Eisenman & The Clydes

    Travianna Records has released a debut single from Aubrey Eisenman & The Clydes, an acoustic Americana act from Asheville, NC. It's a fast-moving bluegrass number Eisenman wrote called Livewire, a road story about the frenetic life of a traveling musician. Aubrey sings

  • 8th of January video from Allison and Tatiana

    Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves have released a live performance video for the opening track from their upcoming eponymous banjo/fiddle duet project. Both women have built solid reputations in the old time music community, and have performed together in the

  • The Lil Smokies are Going To California

    The Lil Smokies have released another single in their SnowGhost series of grassed up covers, this time taking on perhaps the most commercially successful rock band of the 20th century, Led Zeppelin. Going To California first appeared on the 1971 project,