• Halos & Horns forms in Stockholm

    A new bluegrass band has formed in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, consisting of a quintet of young Swedish grassers. Halos & Horns was formed unintentionally, as many great bands are, when Erik Igelström and his wife, Hanna, hosted a party

  • Still Small Voice from Nu Blu

    Nu-Blu is starting 2017 with a new single, from an upcoming new album, with their new label. The single is Still Small Voice, written by Devin Bell, Jimmy Fortune, and Tony Lopacinski, which Bell recorded several years ago as a rockin'

  • Hinson Girls to Southern Belle Booking

    Southern Belle Booking has announced the signing of The Hinson Girls to the agency. The Girls are a quartet of siblings from Lancaster, SC who have been singing bluegrass Gospel music together since they were just youngsters. Now young ladies,

  • Soul Of A Mountain Man from Jeff Brown

    Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome have released a second single from their current project, A Distant Horizon. It's The Soul Of A Mountain Man, written by Brown and Mike Bentley. This bluesy number with a familiar bluegrass message kicks off with

  • Stoney Creek to Spice of the South

    Florida's Spice of the South Music has brought Stoney Creek Bluegrass Band into their roster of artists. The agency, managed by Nancy Jordan, specializes in traditional and contemporary bluegrass acts, and currently acts as representatives for entertainers as diverse as

  • Alan Jabbour passes

    Photo of Alan Jabbour taken by Karen Jabbour - from the Old Time Herald Fiddler and ethnomusicologist Alan Jabbour passed away at his home in Washington, DC on Friday morning, January 13, 2017, after a 15-month struggle with cancer. He was

  • Ray Cardwell at the Nashville City Winery

    Nashville's City Winery serves its local community as both a culinary and oenophile hub, presenting fine wines, food, and classes for serious enthusiasts, and as a listening room where the city's connoisseurs of the musical arts can come to enjoy