• Bluegrass Outlaws hunting a mandolinist

    West Virginia's Bluegrass Outlaws hit the scene hard when the band initially formed a few years ago. Shortly after they launched, the group fronted by Becky Webb Monk and her husband Chris, took first place at the 2016 SPBGMA Bluegrass

  • Black Flowers video from Claire Lynch

    Claire Lynch has released a music video for Black Flowers, a song written by Lynn Miles and included on Claire's latest album, North By South. Both the video and the entire record have a specific theme guiding them. North By South

  • Fay McGinnis passes

    Fay McGinnis, the president of the Stanley Brothers' Fan Club for a number of years, passed away on Friday, March 17, 2017. She was 89 years old and lived in the Wyandotte suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Fay M. McGinnis was born

  • Highland Hornpipe from Steep Ravine

    Central California's Steep Ravine has a new album, Turning Of The Fall, set to drop next month. The young quartet performs music that blends elements of newgrass and folk, based on songs written by guitarist, Simon Linsteadt, and fiddler, Jan Purat.

  • New Balance to Echo Mountain Entertainment

    Echo Mountain Entertainment has announced the signing of The New Balance for booking representation and publicity services. Based in Indiana, the band performs regularly all across the central United States. They have a self-titled album on the Truegrass Entertainment label, and