Bluegrass Ramble 2015, Day 1

Statue of Sir Walter Raleigh surrounded by the Banjo Stand, with the Bluegrass Today office in the background at World of Bluegrass 2015 - photo © Tara LinhardtI love coming to Ralaigh for IBMA. The whole town is always done up so nice with all sorts of fun ways of welcoming us bluegrass folks – from the moment we arrive at the airport, to walking around the city, and in the music venues all over downtown. My first sight after walking from my hotel to the convention center was of course the giant Sir Walter Raleigh statue who, along with the city, always makes a really cool and funny bluegrass statement every year.

Danny Clark with his Jim Lauderdale face fan at World of Bluegrass 2015 - photo © Tara LinhardtThen I walked to the front entrance to see the great Danny Hootenany playing with his Jim Lauderdale fan. I now have my own Jim Lauderdale’s face fan to play with for the week which he gave me. I turned it over and it shows that it is part of a fun promotion idea for Music City Roots.

As soon as I entered the building and got the schedule of events, I got that familiar feeling of having so many interesting musical choices happening all at once in different places, and the conundrum of how to possibly see all of the ones I might want to see… so I started walking from one venue to the next seeing familiar and new acts showcasing throughout the downtown area. There was definitely a wide mix of traditional and progressive styles of bluegrass, and plenty of funny and friendly folks.

Enough of my verbal ramble, I will just share some of the Bluegrass Ramble through photo and video so you can see the sights and sounds for yourself.

Here is a hot young band called Ash Breeze…


And from the band KrippleKrunk at the Convention Center…