Bluegrass On The Tube!

The development of the World Wide Web has provided bluegrass fans with the ability to access a wide and varied assortment of bluegrass music files and videos. Everyday hundreds, possibly thousands of music files and videos are posted to the web, providing bluegrass music audiophiles with more opportunities than ever to enjoy first generation performers as well as groups new to the ear.

The staggering amount of music available is almost overwhelming, sometimes requiring hours to sift through a lot of material before stumbling upon that wonderful video footage of Bill Monroe from an early 1960s television show or of a festival that just happened on the other side of the continent., was launched in March of this year.  Officially "Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of bluegrass music — past and present", the site enables bluegrass lovers to go quickly to a video without having to sort the wheat and the chaff.

Within six months of being made available, bluegrassonthetube has been visited by bluegrassers from 53 countries around the globe. With links to over 550 cherry picked videos (and the number is growing), bluegrassonthetube is an online catalogue of links to the "best of the best." It is intended to save the web surfer a lot of time and frustration, as most of the low quality videos (or music) have already been culled.

The idea for a collection of links to bluegrass music videos was spawned from viewing countless hours of performances (some good, most not so good) on the popular website YouTube. 

The site also provides users with an opportunity to subscribe to bluegrassonthetube. Each day subscribers receive an email with a link to a different bluegrass video. There is no cost for the subscription

Check out the 500 plus videos at