• Warren Haynes’ bluegrass past

    Rolling Stone Magazine has listed Warren Haynes as 23rd on their list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. While I would contend that the title of that list should be amended to the 100 Greatest Rock Guitarists of

  • Picking at Peaceful Bend

    Flatpicking Guitar Magazine has committed to capturing performances by today's top practitioners of the flatpicking art, and bringing those performances to guitar players everywhere via DVD. Over the last several years they have put forth a number of such DVDs. Each

  • Guitar Strings – how they’re made

    If you've got some extra time on your hands during this holiday season, here's an interesting video about how guitar strings are made. As musicians, sometimes we take our strings for granted. This video will shed some light on the little

  • Guitar Stories, what’s yours?

    Many guitars have a story. A story of given as a special note of appreciation, a story of how it saved its owner's life, or some other story equally fascinating. Aaron Raitiere is gathering these stories into one place for inclusion

  • John Piper’s snow angel

    Everyone is enjoying Christmas today, but some are enjoying a white Christmas. To my delight I found that one of my favorite preachers, John Piper, had uploaded a Youtube video of himself creating a snow angel. Lo and behold! The soundtrack

  • Big Mon on BoingBoing

    Yesterday BoingBoing.com posted a YouTube clip of three teenagers jamming on the Bill Monroe tune Big Mon. The author of the BoingBoing post refers to their performance as "speed metal bluegrass." To my ear it doesn't resemble anything but bluegrass. Much

  • Lester Flatt style instruction on YouTube

    Chris Sharp may be best known for his work on the Grammy Award winning O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, or his years spent touring with the late John Hartford. What you may not know is that this accomplished guitar

  • The Bluegrass Ramble TV Special

    It's not often that we see much in the way of televised bluegrass programming, much less broadcast in High Definition. If you live in central Ohio, and don't mind staying up late on Saturday evenings, you'll be able to catch some

  • Hornography – Released

    This past Tuesday saw the official release of the new Scheerhorn resonator guitar tribute CD, Hornography. The CD is put together by renowned resophonic guitar player, recording engineer and producer, Randy Kohrs. The brainchild of Jimmy Ross, the CD came about

  • Favorite Bluegrass Recording of 2008

    About two weeks ago we ran a poll asking you to submit and vote for your favorite bluegrass recording of 2008. With nearly 900 votes and over 150 submissions, we've narrowed it down to the top ten and we're letting