• John Miller joins Ramblers Choice

    Not long ago we reported that Chris Harris had left Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice, and that Junior was in search of a new mandolin player. Junior has just announced that John Miller will be joining the band in that capacity.

  • Australian Guitar Luthiers Festival

    It seems there is a thriving industry in custom built guitars Down Under. May 2009 will see many of Australia's premier luthiers congregate for the Melbourne guitar makers festival. The two day event will feature exhibits of finely crafted acoustic guitars,

  • Dailey & Vincent: Cumberland River

    I don't know if anyone has noticed, but YouTube has begun allowing not only high(er) definition video, but also is now supporting native 16:9 format. To test it out I uploaded another of our IBMA 2008 videos, this one is an

  • Prague Post: Pickin’ and grinnin’

    The Prague Post ran an article yesterday about the popularity of bluegrass music on the European Continent. The hook for the piece is a show taking place in Prague tomorrow featuring Czech band Monogram. It's a well written article discussing the

  • A Songbird of a different color

    As an unashamed Mac user, I love iTunes. In fact, I rarely listen to music (for pleasure) outside of the iTunes/iPod environment. I like the ease and convenience of iTunes for listening to whatever music strikes my fancy at the

  • A new King of Bluegrass?

    Brian Baker, writing for CityBeat Cincinnati, recently suggested that we coronate a new King of Bluegrass. His suggestion as to who should wear the crown? Ralph Stanley. His reasoning for recognizing Stanley is certainly sound, but his premise is wrong. If Monroe was

  • Joe Carr – School of Mandolin

    Mel Bay Publications has just released the first book in a new series called "School Of." This particular book is the School of Mandolin: Basic Chords and Soloing. Taught by veteran educator Joe Carr, the book presents 16 tunes (some with

  • Borders reduces music floorspace

    Over the course of the last year, Borders has steadily reduced the amount of in-store floor space dedicated to music, by 30%. Music now owns only 7% of the floor space in Borders stores. Considering their primary business is books,

  • What happened to my promo?

    I've had several discussions with artists over the course of 2008 with regard to the final destination of promo CDs. Everyone sends them out, but no one talks about where they end up. The artists and labels send out large

  • Ron Block banjo DVD

    Banjo players have been clamoring for instructional materials from Ron Block for years, but his busy schedule with Alison Krauss & Union Station has prevented him from dedicating the time to it. Until now... His first banjo instructional DVD will be