The Bluegrass Ramble TV Special

Bluegrass Ramble TV SpecialIt’s not often that we see much in the way of televised bluegrass programming, much less broadcast in High Definition.

If you live in central Ohio, and don’t mind staying up late on Saturday evenings, you’ll be able to catch some High Definition Bluegrass for the next two weeks. WOSU TV is celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Bluegrass Ramble on WOSU AM, with two one-hour high definition bluegrass programs.

Each episode will hosted by Rich Baker, 20 year veteran of The Bluegrass Ramble. The two episodes will feature The Special Consensus and The Spinney Brothers.

WOSU has placed a 5 minute video from the program on the web page for The Bluegrass Ramble. The video features each band performing one song in full. It’s encoded for the web so the size is small, but the footage itself looks fantastic.