Guitar Stories, what’s yours?

Aaron Raitiere wants your guitar storyMany guitars have a story. A story of given as a special note of appreciation, a story of how it saved its owner’s life, or some other story equally fascinating.

Aaron Raitiere is gathering these stories into one place for inclusion in a book he’s writing as part of his Master of Fine Arts degree in Recording Arts. Aaron attends MTSU, outside Nashville, TN, and plans to graduate in May of 2009. The idea is for a book about people, their guitars, and the extraordinary stories behind the instruments.

I’m looking for eclectic stories of all kinds about both acoustic and electric guitars. Any style of music is welcome.

So far Raitiere has at least one good bluegrass story. He interviewed Richard Starkey, who designed the D18 CW for Martin Guitars and owns the second one to come off the assembly line.

Aaron is still looking for other captivating stories for inclusion in this project. He’s still shopping for a publisher as well. So if you have a good story behind your instrument, or a connection at a publisher that might be interested in the project, be sure to drop him an email.

More info about the project can be found in this article.