Favorite Bluegrass Recording of 2008

About two weeks ago we ran a poll asking you to submit and vote for your favorite bluegrass recording of 2008. With nearly 900 votes and over 150 submissions, we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten and we’re letting you vote again, this time we’re voting to put them in order.

Some of the submissions were for the same recording. Some were for a band name and not a recording. We took the time to merge the applicaple submissions before taking the top ten. Punch and Punch Brothers got merged together and are represented on this poll as Punch Brothers – Punch. All options are that way, band name – recording name.

So here they are, let’s vote and see what the readers of Bluegrass Today liked in 2008.


We did state that the poll would be limited to those recordings released in 2008.  Unfortunately we had to remove two names from the list because they were released prior to 2008. We also removed two other names for which we could find no information online. These four were all in the top 10 except for the technicalities which disqualified them. We give them honorable mention below (in descending order based on the number of votes they received in the original poll).