• Barenaked Ladies, Bluegrass & Hockey

    Canadian pop group Barenaked Ladies have recorded what is being described as a "bluegrassy" version of Hockey Night in Canada. The band's early recordings did feature a bluegrass-inspired feel at times. Apparently this new recording is a throwback to that earlier

  • The story behind Bluegrass Unlimited

    Bluegrass Unlimited has been a staple of the bluegrass industry for over 40 years. I've browsed back issues and eagerly read new issues right along with the rest of the bluegrass world. Until today, I didn't know the backstory of

  • New Time for the TimeMachine

    With the merger of Sirius and XM, some folks seem to have lost track of their favorite show, Wichita Rutherford's Grand Old Timemachine. Wichita's Timemachine has a new time slot on the combined satellite radio provider. My new time slot at SIRIUS/XM

  • Thankful for Bluegrass 2008

    There are many things to be thankful for on this day of national celebration. Here at Bluegrass Today we'd like to express our thankfulness for a great year of bluegrass music. 2008 gave us some incredible music. Below we've included a

  • Christmas Bluegrass to benefit homeless

    By any tradition, Christmas is a season of giving. It is a time when charities seek to raise funds to help those in need, especially during a colder time of the year when many are without a warm meal and

  • Junior Sisk seeking mandolin player

    Junior Sisk has announced that mandolin player Chris Harris will be leaving Rambler's Choice in January and a replacement is being sought. Junior is specifically looking for someone with a strong traditional bent, who can both play mandolin and sing tenor.

  • The cultural vs. commercial value of music

    Does music have value? Some would say it used to, but that it has recently be devalued by the internet age and mp3s. Is that true? Andrew Dubber tackles these questions in a recent blog post, Has music been devalued? Dubber shares

  • Case Notes

    If you've ever purchased a vintage instrument and wondered about the story behind the strings, then you'll understand what Case Notes is all about. Case Notes is specially designed little diary for your instrument. It is sized appropriately (5 1/4"H x

  • Future of the music business

    Ian Rogers, CEO of Topspin and former head of Yahoo Music, gave the keynote address recently at the GRAMMY Northwest MusicTech Summit 2008. In his speech, Rogers explains the current state of the music business as he see it. He explains

  • Carrie Hassler has the key

    Well, not yet...but she soon will. Pikeville, TN, Hassler's hometown, will be presenting her with the Key to the City next month. Pikeville Mayor, Greg Johnson, will make the presentation and proclaim Carrie Hassler Day, on December 5, 2008. There will