You’ve Still Got It – Damian Muller

Damian Muller is a knowing singer/songwriter, and while his sentiments may seem obvious and even simple to any outside observer, the thoughts he expresses ring true, especially to anyone whose outlook on life remains untarnished by cynicism or sarcasm.

Touching on such topics as love, faith, country, home and hearth, Muller creates a sound intended as celebratory and uplifting. From the driving delivery of There’s No Future Living in the Past, Clap Your Hands, Things Are Looking Up, and the title track, to the gentle assurance of the hopeful Never Too Old, Love Lives Forever and On My Way, Muller makes music that’s consistently tender, touching and well suited to sparking an emotional connection. Suffice it to say that if some of these songs don’t tempt a tear or two, then you’d be well advised to check your pulse and ensure your heart’s still beating.

As an extra bonus, the liner notes allow Muller to share his backstory about the circumstances that inspired each of these offerings.

Muller’s responsible for writing all the songs in this baker’s dozen, and his vibrant vocals and nimble bass playing are perfectly complemented by a cast of musicians that include fiddler Jim VanCleve, mandolin and banjo player Aaron Ramsey, banjo picker Russ Carson, and guitarist Seth Taylor, among several others. The blend of hopeful melodies and astute arrangements make for an ideal combination, one that paints the best possible picture of a life well lived in what can only be described as perfectly idyllic circumstances. This is music stirred with sensitivity, purpose and appreciation for the gifts Muller’s been given and which he’s obviously eager to embrace along with anyone willing to listen.

Ultimately, You’ve Still Got It proves to be something of a bluegrass bonanza, not only due to its adroit delivery, but also because it provides a message well worth heeding, especially in these times of disappointment and disconnect. There’s something to be said of faith, even in the face of futility, and for that reason alone, Muller might very well make believers of us all.

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