What is the name of the song….?

I heard a song this morning on Bluegrass on XM and didn’t click on the screen in time to see the name or who it was by. The singer had a voice that fell somewhere between Ralph Stanley and George Jones. Some of the lyrics were “if that’s true… then I guess you’re right… I’m over you…” It’s a man just dumping his heart out to the woman he loves and it’s an awesome bluegrass song. I love bluegrass and i pick a little now and then. I like the Seldom Scene, Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Bill Monroe (especially Mule Skinner Blues, which I had the opportunity and priviledge to hear him and the Bluegrass Boys play back in the ’70s at a old time festival in a big revival type tent play so hard he had sweat pouring off him onto the stage below him. He was leaning over at the waist about half way to the floor steadily gettin’it on that Gibson. It was awesome!)

Hollar if you know the song I’m talking about. You can post it here or send me something at pawcreek59@yahoo.com