Wednesday photos from World of Bluegrass 2021

James Kee with East Nash Grass at World of Bluegrass 2021 – photo © Tara Lindhardt

Wednesday, September 29, at the conferences, meet and greets, and seminars, folks continue to network, educate, and inspire the attendees. The showcases continue to bring in great music from all over the country. The international bands are still at IBMA, and have been coming in on live streams from around the globe for people wanting to check them out in the designated viewing room. The Momentum Awards gave some well deserved recognition to some amazing people and bands who have been hard at work and making a real name for themselves in the industry and in helping to mentor others.

Here are some tastes of the music so you can see and hear some of the talent for yourself. There were so many really fine bands that hopefully you will get the chance to see in person if you could not make it to IBMA this year. Most of the bands showcasing also have recordings out that you can buy or stream right from your own home. So if you see anything on the livestreams or in the videos or photos from IBMA that will be circulating out there, just Google the bands and check out their music, and you can support them from wherever you are in the world. Be sure to try catch their live shows when available.

Jake Blount

East Nash Grass

Twisted Pine