We have a winner!

We heard from Greg Cahill last night, with news that Special Consensus’ trusty travel van, Snowball, had reached a major milestone. You may recall that the band was offering an autographed copy of their upcoming album to whomever guessed Snowball’s location when the odometer rolled over to 500,000 miles.

Here’s Greg…

“We turned the big half million mile mark about 10 minutes ago – on I-40, in AZ.

Three people made incredibly close guestimates: Kari Rowe guessed Houck, AZ; Mike Dillon guessed Holbrook, NM, and David Porter said just past Houck near the AZ/NM border.

We turned in between these cities, at mile marker 320. Houck is at mile marker 348 (28 miles from point of turnover) and Holbrook at marker 286 (34 miles from turnover point), so Kari wins the signed copy of our forthcoming Compass Records Scratch Gravel Road recording.

Thanks to all who participated – including those who sent their guestimates to our Facebook pages. Now we just have to hope Snowball keeps on keepin’ on!”

Congratulations Kari!

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