Video on the blog

We had a lot of fun producing the Red Carpet videos from IBMA, along with all the other video interviews that we did. We’ve got some ideas for future video features here on the blog, but we thought we’d check with our readers to see what you think.

So here’s the question. Did you watch the recent videos we posted? Did you enjoy them? Would you like to see more? (OK that was three questions!)


If you have any ideas for video features you’d like to see, we’d be interested in your ideas (just leave a comment on this post). We can’t promise you we’ll do them, but if there is enough interest, we’re considering making videos a regular feature here on Bluegrass Today.

  • A.J. Fuller

    The videos were good, but I still miss the GrassCast podcast, and think the videos would make a great video podcast in addition to being posted on the blog.

    Keep up the good work!

  • mitch_cumstien

    I like the videos a lot, but they have to be worthwhile. For example, that “interview” with Alan Munde… A cameraperson just ambushed him and asked him what he was doing. End of video.

  • LOL! Mitch, you’re cracking me up! I was the camera man. I wonder if Alan felt “ambushed” or not?

    Yeah, that one wasn’t much, but it wasn’t long either. Alan was my mentor, as I attended South Plains College while he was teaching there. So of course I stopped when I saw him sitting there. 🙂