Van Heffer Video Podcast Documentary

Our old buddy Wichita Rutherford is at it again. Always staying just ahead of the curve, Wichita starts a video documentary podcast this week. Here’s the deal. Wichita plays (played) guitar in a band called The Over the Mountain Boyz. This band belongs to one Sherman Van Heffer. Sherman is quite unique as bluegrass singers go and Wichita is going to tell his story by way of a weekly 5 minute video podcast. The story is told documentary style with a narrator. You’ll see Wichita at his old pool cleaning job, see interviews with some bluegrass and country music greats, get insights into the music business, and hear some amazing bluegrass. Just remember, things are not always what they seem.

The 1st episode in this groundbreaking video podcast documentary starts this week, on November 23rd. Find it here.

[Update 11:13 AM: Here’s a link to a story about Wichita on I would have posted this link earlier, but I couldn’t get their site to come up. It seems to working now though.]