Tumbling Bones – Risk Not Your Soul

I’ve worked this past few years with Peter Winne in his capacity as a publicist with Rebel Records. And like most folks who work in the bluegrass business, Pete is also a musician. It is as an independent artist that we bring news today about Mr. Winne.

Pete contacted us over the weekend about his new group, Tumbling Bones, and their just-released EP, Risk Not Your Soul. They are following in the footsteps of acts like Old Crow Medicine Show, Mumford & Sons and others who have combined the raw and raucous energy of old time string band music with elements of swing, jug band, ragtime and the modern jammy sensibilities that the young people all seem to admire.

Winne explains what the new venture is all about…

“I used to be in an old-time/Americana group called The Powder Kegs. We were touring regularly for a couple years and things were taking off – we won The People In Their Twenties Contest on A Prairie Home Companion in 2007 – and then we had creative differences, some people wanted to become more of a contemporary rock band, and things sorta fell apart.

Tumbling Bones is a new group featuring some of the members of The Powder Kegs, and we’re getting back to our Americana and bluegrass roots. On Saturday we released an EP, and we’ve got most of a June tour booked.”

Here’s their version of the old chestnut, East Virginia Blues.

East Virginia Blues: [http://traffic.libsyn.com/thegrasscast/east_va.mp3]

You can hear the entire project on their BandCamp site, where you can also purchase tracks for download.