Thursday at the Florida Bluegrass Classic

Nightime jamming at the 2019 Florida Bluegrass Classic – photo © Bill Warren

Thursday saw the opening of the mainstage show at the Florida Bluegrass Classic. Vintage country artist David Church opened the day with music from the days of Hank Williams, Sr., Conway Twitty, and other classic country artists.

MC Jo Odom is known throughout the bluegrass world as the “hat lady”. Lester Ray Sears presented Jo with the hat his father was wearing when he passed at Yee Haw. Jo has placed it on a stand at the corner of the Classic stage as a tribute to Les.

Michael Reno Harrell followed with his special talents. Michael is a singer/songwriter and an amazing story teller. He takes his audience back to the places of their childhood in spellbinding ways. Jo Odom put it best when she told him that there is always someone talking during songs, but that it was “quiet as church” when he was telling his stories. Roxeen and Dalrymple came to the Classic from Nova Scotia. Gary Dalrymple was the mandolin player for the Spinney Brothers for many years. He and Roxeen Robertson have teamed up to present classic bluegrass music. Nashville artist, Buddy Jewell closed out the day with a set of more modern country music. Buddy recruited Ernie Evans to be a part of his band.

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