The Old Friends Are Back!

Standing Tall and Tough - Crowe, Lawson, & WilliamsOne of my favorite releases of the past several years has been Old Friends Get Together from J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson, and Paul Williams. The successful album served as a de facto tribute to the Gospel music of Jimmy Martin, as all were members of Jimmy’s Sunny Mountain Boys. The award-winning album spurred many Old Friends shows featuring Crowe, Lawson, and Williams. If you haven’t seen one, you’re really missing out on some powerful music.

These three Hall of Famers have announced the release of another  album for Mountain Home Records. Standing Tall and Tough from Crowe, Lawson, & Williams will be released on August 19th. The album will feature a mix of classic bluegrass and Gospel tunes alongside new songs that showcase this trio of legend’s never-ending hunger to make new music.

Standing Tall and Tough… that may appear to some as boisterous or even belligerent, but it’s not!” says Doyle. “To J.D., Paul, and me, it means that after all the years of being involved in music, the love we have for it hasn’t diminished at all. The joy of being onstage or in the recording studio is a feeling beyond words for us.”

Mountain Home Records released this behind-the-scenes video to whet everyone’s appetite for these legends’ upcoming album.


Standing Tall and Tough will be offered for sale everywhere on August 19, and is currently available exclusively through Doyle Lawson’s web site.

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