The GrassCast download problems – Resolved

The GrassCastUPDATE: This issue seems to be resolved. They are still having some issues, but the iTunes feed seems to be working again so I’ve disabled the direct download from our servers (that eats up a bunch of bandwidth).

Ok folks here’s the deal. I’ve heard from some people that are having trouble connecting to The GrassCast. Other’s, like myself, are having no problems. The issue seems to be related to a school yard fight between a couple of Tier 1 ISPs. The host that is serving our podcast is online, but if you’re not connected to the net through the same Tier 1 ISP you may not be able to connect to them.

This from the wikipedia:

Disputes over peering arrangements between Tier 1 providers, and often between Tier 1 and 2 providers, have frequently been the cause of disruptions of Internet traffic. These disruptions primarily affect direct customers of each provider, who will no longer be able to contact direct customers of the other provider.

They assure me they are working on the issue. As soon as it’s resolved I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’ve uploaded episode #1 directly to our server. This will allow for direct download but not a subscription. So if you want to listen to it right now…

This GrassCast is 8 minutes in length and the file download size is 7.3 MB

Direct Download (UPDATED): ep1_cherryholmes.mp3