The Freightliners in Eustis, FL

Alistair McCubbin with the Freighliners at “Dam” Smoker BBQ in Eustis, FL – photo © Bill Warren

We had crossed paths with The Freightliners a couple years ago in Wintergarden, Florida, and caught up with them again in Eustis, Florida on Sunday at the “Dam” Smoker BBQ. Band leader and mandolinist, Doug Buchheister, described the venue as “kind of our home stage.” The band performs regularly at a number of venues in central Florida. The “Dam” Smoker BBQ serves top notch food. We got way too full before the show started.

The Freightliners are a self-described “hard driving bluegrass band.” They are that and more. A high level of entertainment compliments their live music. This show was called the “bluegrass love songs show” with Valentines Day in mind, and did not feature Banks of the Ohio or Knoxville Girl!!

The other members are Bill Miller on bass, Teresa Holton on guitar, and Byron Holton on banjo. All band members share in vocals. Fiddler Sue Tice joins the band occasionally as she did for this show.

A special guest appeared that Doug met at a Friday jam, Alistair McCubben, who is visiting from the north of England. Alistair is a talented young man who sings and plays fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. He and Sue did a couple of twin fiddle numbers. Alistair fronts a band that plays for Scottish Ceilidh – pronounced kay-lee – dances, which are similar to our square dance parties. He is visiting the US because of his passion for bluegrass music. It is always enjoyable to listen to a top flight young musician. He is saving his money and shopping for a vintage Martin guitar.

We will be seeing the Freightliners at an Irish venue, Claddagh Cottage Irish Pub, in Orlando in about three weeks.

The world does get smaller and smaller. Part way through the show, a group of people came in. I thought I recognized a Michigan festival shirt, and one of the other people looked very familiar. The shirt was from the Marshall Bluegrass Festival and the guy wearing it is from the band Bootleg. We met the band last summer at a couple of festivals. The other fellow that looked familiar was that indeed. He was the head coach of my granddaughter’s travel softball team about three years ago. So, go to the small venues that host bluegrass bands. You may run into friends from far away!

Support your local music venues.