The Best Kept Secret is out today!

Jerry Douglas’ new CD The Best Kept Secret is a secret no longer. Today is the official release date for the latest CD from dobro master Jerry Douglas. I’ve posted about this previously, but just wanted to remind everyone that they can get a copy today.

Jerry Douglas: Fogerty’s Buddha?

Jerry Douglas and John Fogerty have built a musical bond based on good pickin’ — with a little bit of Texas Swing thrown in for good measure. The swing in question is the Bob Wills classic “Swing Blues No. 1” that appears on Jerry’s new album ‘The Best Kept Secret’ (KOCH/Sept. 20), with Fogerty contributing vocals.

As for the picking, that’s been going on for years, as the two get together regularly to play some songs and share a few lessons. Says Fogerty: “A few years ago, I realized I hadn’t become the guitar player I wanted to be when I was starting out, so I got really busy and that’s when I found Jerry Douglas. He’s the Buddha that I pray to every day. He has long been the mentor that I’m living up to.”
In addition to Fogerty, ‘The Best Kept Secret’ features a stellar cast of performers ranging from Jerry’s touring bandmates to Bill Frisell, Derek Trucks, Alison Krauss, and Bela Fleck.


Jerry Douglas – The Best Kept Secret