The B – a reintroduction

The BA great many of the folks who have stopped by to visit with us this week in the IBMA Exhibit Hall have asked variants of this same question: “What is The B? or “How can I post something in The B?”

It seems that a recap is in order.

In a nutshell, The B is a section of Bluegrass Today where our readers get to select the topics. You are also encouraged to comment – both on the posts in The B, and any subsequent reader comments. You must be registered to contribute, but registration is quick, painless and costs you nothing.

Submissions to The B are moderated, so they don’t appear immediately, only after Brance or I have a chance to look them over. We want to ensure that the contributions are germane to the interests of our readers, and be able to prevent any spam or indelicate material from getting through.

Brance posted in some detail about all this a few weeks ago, so a read through of that post may answer a lot of questions about The B, and how you can be a part of it.

Please join in!

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