• Wichita on your TomTom

    If you are a user of the portable GPS devices known as TomTom, and a bluegrass fan, you may be interested in this. Apparently these handy little devices not only give you directions, they can actually speak the directions to

  • Unsigned Bluegrass on SiriusXM

    If you're in an unsigned bluegrass band and want to have your music played on SIRIUS/XM, here's your chance. Our favorite Mayor (of Bluegrass), Wichita Rutherford, has pledged to play music from one or two unsigned bands on his show

  • Win a Sirius/XM radio from Wichita

    Wichita Rutherford made an appearance on CMT over the weekend. He was featured on CMT Insider's "The Year in a Nutshell," along with several other comedians. They asked Wichita some questions and during his responses he talked about some famous

  • New Time for the TimeMachine

    With the merger of Sirius and XM, some folks seem to have lost track of their favorite show, Wichita Rutherford's Grand Old Timemachine. Wichita's Timemachine has a new time slot on the combined satellite radio provider. My new time slot at SIRIUS/XM

  • Free Alison Krauss & Robert Plant Tickets

    Alison Krauss & Robert Plant will be performing a concert in Chattanooga, TN on Wednesday of this week, and our good friend Wichita Rutherford is giving away four tickets to the show. He's giving them away in pairs so there

  • Name that musician, win a mug

    If you need a new coffee mug and you like to watch bluegrass related videos, then Wichita Rutherford has a got a deal for you. He's posted this video on his blog. It was made back in the summer of 2006.

  • Cherryholmes on XM Radio

    Our good friend Wichita Rutherford is hosting the family band Cherryholmes on his XM Radio show this afternoon. Wichita's show is called The Grand Old Time Machine. He travels back and forth through time playing the best of bluegrass from today

  • Cherryholmes Receive Key to the City of Bluegrass

    Wichita Rutherford, the duly elected Mayor of Bluegrass, presented the family band, Cherryholmes, with the key to the "City of Bluegrass" last week. This is the first time the key has been awarded in bluegrass history and Wichita was understandably excited

  • Bobby Osborne sued for causing hearing damage

    Wichita Rutherford is reporting this morning on the latest lawsuit to involve a bluegrass celebrity. Bobby Osborne has reportedly been sued for $16 million, in a suit claiming he caused irreparable hearing damage to a listener's ears, when hitting the high

  • Crank That (Country Boy)

    Back at the beginning of February we broke the story that our good friend Wichita Rutherford would be directing the music video for the latest single from The GrooveGrass Boyz. The tune is a remake of the a popular tune,