• The Cleverlys do IBMA

    One of the groups that stirred things up during last weekend's IBMA Fan Fest was The Cleverlys, a concept act that mixes bluegrass music with sardonic and mildly-risque humor. Their shtick typically involves covers of pop mega-hits, delivered in a

  • Buy Ricky’s G-Run at auction

    Last week we told you about the G-Run that Ricky Skaggs and Wichita Rutherford were putting up for sale (you can read the story here in case you missed it). That auction has begun on ebay and will run all

  • Wichita Rutherford and Ricky Skaggs

    Our buddy Wichita Rutherford is perceived by many as a funny man, and rightly so. But the truth is, he takes at least one thing seriously, bluegrass music! He has a lot of fun for sure, but he truly respects

  • Mac & Wichita

    Mac Wiseman has been a little out of pocket lately due to a broken leg, but after his doctor gave him an "all clear" report, he called up his buddy Wichita Rutherford. Mac called and asked if I would give him

  • Bush on the Time Machine

    Wichita Rutherford has invited Sam Bush to co-host his Sirius radio show, The Grand Old Time Machine, this week. The last time this duo worked together was the year Bush hosted the IBMA Award Show with Wichita co-hosting via video. Wichita

  • More Bluegrass Law

    As most of you are already aware, our fine city (The City of Bluegrass) has experienced a bit of unrest for the last several months. Folks just aren't getting enough bluegrass to satisfy them. Our intrepid Mayor of Bluegrass, Wichita Rutherford,

  • Wichita Rutherford: master of space and time

    Update: I've corrected the time for Tuesday's show. It's 3pm EST. Our favorite Bluegrass time traveler, Wichita Rutherford, has brought yet another day under his control. Formerly Wichita had Friday and Saturday nights under his control, broadcasting his bluegrass music program,

  • Win a WichiDrive

    Our good friend Wichita Rutherford is giving away a box load of those handy little USB flash drives that everyone loves. What's more, the ones he's handing out are full of all kinds of fun, Wichita-related, bluegrass stuff. He's loaded these

  • Wichita Tweets Merlefest

    Merlefest gets underway today. It's one of the biggest festivals in the country and many, if not most, of your favorite bluegrass acts will be performing at some point during the week. If you're not there, but you'd like to know